Slushy Ice Drinks + Playing Pooh Sticks

Make Slush!
Making a crushed ice drink is easy and a really fun way to cool kids down.
  • Make up a juice (ether watered down pure juice or your usual squash) and pour it into a plastic cup.
  • Pop the cup into the freezer,
  • Keep stirring to break up the ice crystals as they form and when half way between drink and ice, serve with a straw.
  • So refreshing and so much fun. We’d call this slush!

Pooh Sticks
When mysister first went to university she joined the Pooh Bear appreciation society and they introduced her to the wonderful game of pooh sticks.In the stories Pooh Bear races fir cones under a bridge to see who emerges
first but this has been adapted to sticks somewhere along the way. To play you simply:
  • Find a sunny day
  • gather up sticks (fun in itself)
  • and find a little bridge to stand on.
  • choose 1 stick each and be sure you know which one is yours
  • you count 1 2 3 go…and at the same time you all drop your
    sticks in the water then
  • race to the other side of the bridge to see whose
    emerges first.

    Then you can do it all over again and again and again!
pooh sticks
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