Summer Essentials for Kids

I am never without sunscreen or a sunhat for the children in the summer holidays they are always stashed at the bottom of my ‘never ending ‘ handbag  with an extra set in the boot of my car. The English weather can change in a a moment and these really are essentials if its hot!

I snap up buy one get one free offers on sunscreen as we use plenty. I always invest in several cheap sunhats as these always get /left behind/lost/swept away in the wind.

We also make sure we have ponchos around for throwing on after a trip to the local lido or a splash in our enormous paddling pool. Ponchos take the chill away without restricting movement.

Poncho  by Anorak: £25.

Thanks to House of Fraser home department for sending us this gorgeous poncho. It is cute and cuddly and just absolutely perfect to throw on after epic water fights like this one.

ninja fairy

I make sure I have books, snacks or a small game with me if we go out so I can entice the kids to shade if it gets too warm and I really do try and bring them in in the early afternoon sun when it is at its hottest.

What are your summer essentials for kids?


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