Switch your energy supplier to Bulb in 3 minutes and save £25 on your first bill

Have you heard of Bulb?

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Bulb is the UK’s first truly low-cost renewable energy supplier that is saving people hundreds of pounds on their bills. It’s recognised as the #1 ranked provider on Trustpilot and has a lot to offer!

When did you last change your energy supplier?

Bulb recently conducted a national survey with YouGov and found that only 24% of people have switched their energy supplier in the last five years – consequently, many households remain on expensive and confusing tariffs when they could be getting a much better deal and avoiding the terrible service we’ve all become used to from traditional suppliers.

Are you one of the inactive 76%?

Yes, me too.

What puts you off?

Do you think it’s going to take ages/be confusing/messy to switch? Everyone I have asked has given me one of these reasons. Even I have to confess, time is a big factor for me too.

With Bulb you are literally taking 3 minutes to make the change and they do all the rest. Bulb has one simple, renewable tariff so you know you’re always getting the best possible price. No confusion and a speedy switch are an attractive proposition, plus I got a quick estimate with great savings!

You can get £25 off your first bill when you sign up with this link


So what does Bulb have to offer?

Bulb offers a nationwide, renewable electricity and gas tariff. All Bulb’s energy has been independently sourced from UK hydroelectric power stations so it’s good news indeed for those of us who care about the environment.

The energy industry at the moment is confusing and expensive. Bulb’s mission is to simplify things and make sure everyone gets a fair deal and I think this is really important. Too long consumers have been tied up with financial jargon particularly when it comes to energy bills!


Most importantly to those of us on a budget….

Bulb is, on average, 20% cheaper than the Big Six energy suppliers, and will always pass cost savings on to the consumer. Compared to other 100% renewable energy suppliers, Bulb is by FAR the cheapest, so you can save money and do the right thing – have a look at the chart below. Bulb have reduced their prices five times since last winter.


Not only that, if you have any exit fees when making the switch, Bulb also pays them. Plus it also has a UK based support team who will answer the phone in 8 seconds, and it’s an actual human too!

So, an exciting energy provider that saves you money whilst saving the environment too. What are you waiting for?

And don’t forget you get £25 off your first bill when you sign up with this link



Bulb is fully licensed by Ofgem,




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