Finding your path

finding my path

When it comes to finding your path… I’ve just been listening to Desert Island Discs (my guilty pleasure.)  It was an old one with Duncan Bannantyne talking about his life and what has inspired him. Interestingly at 30 he was a man in trouble he had a criminal record. He had no job and he was drinking a […]


Review: An explosion of memories

explosion box

A couple of weeks ago I featured Kerry Goodman as my July Business mum of the month. Kerry makes scrap books. An interest that increasing numbers of people seem completely besotted by. Scrapbooking to my mind is a bit like golf…it seems to just take hold of people and they totally fall in love with it! […]


Profile of a Business Mum


1. What’s  your name?       Kerry Goodman 2. How old are your Kids?                  2 and a half 3. Where do you work?  Home/office?       Home 4. What childcare spot do you have?            Baba goes to pre school all day on a Monday and Friday morning, he also goes to his Nannies every Wednesday and sometimes […]


Where motherhood and entrepreneurialism meet (and 10 free and low cost ways to market your business)


Thanks to life coach and successful mum in business Grace Marshall for this fab guest post The face of motherhood is changing. I think there was a time when the labels were either ‘working mum’ or ‘stay at home mum’. Now there are those who work full time, part time, ‘work at home mums’, employed, […]