I think a child’s creativity and homemade craft boxes go hand in hand.

I am a great believer in developing a child’s imagination rather than spoon feeding them entertainment. Most parents I know feel  exactly the same but it is so easy to see little craft kits to make a peg doll or a pom pom alien or a gingerbread house and scoop these up in the name of creativity.

My local supermarket sells little sets like these for just a few pounds and they are adored by my kids. You get to make something that looks really good, all the bits are there and it even tells you how to make it? Are they being creative or imaginative when crafting like this? I’m not so sure. They are certainly learning some crafting skills: cutting sticking, layering etc but are they using their creativity? Possibly not.

Well as parents we can use our creativity to make our children a craft box full of goodies that will encourage them to freely delve into their imagination and tap into the artist within.

Are you ready?

You simply need a box.  A cardboard box with a lid is preferable but any box will do and the bonus of not having a lid is it is easier to see in!

Homemade craft boxes can be filled with all sorts of wondrous things (which may seem just everyday to you and me but not to our little artists)

In it could go:

Pasta shells

Garden String

Bubble wrap

Old magazine for colleging or paper mache


Wooden pegs

Small pieces of cut up fabric


Egg boxes

Old birthday cards

Small squares of aluminium foil

A few blank cd’s

Cotton wool

An old shirt for painting

Objects of different shapes to draw round so maybe a jam jar lid and a coaster

Some paper and card

A few paints and crayons

A couple of  paper plates

Some shaped biscuit cutters

Scissors, paintbrushes, glue and double sided sticky tape

You also ( as well as this superb Craft Box) need to provide space and a place for your child to freely craft. We also need to provide time.  Often we overschedule them or  worry about the tidying up too much.  Creativity needs to be nurtured.

We also need to bring to the table encouragement, support, interest and skilled help when required e.g with cutting, using tape, washing out paintbrushes. As well as providing the means to create: providing them with scissors or a Fiskars paper cutter, paper, paint , etc.

Your child may wish you to craft with them, just as you might read with them or help bathe dolly and this can be a real joy and an investment in their development. Look how proud my daughter is of her most recent creations. This is Annalise with her picture of her ‘teacher’

All these items I have suggested for your homemade craft boxes are probably somewhere in your home already and the little bits you need to buy should just come to a few pounds.

This is now a box of POTENTIAL.

Your child will have to think, plan, organise themselves, imagine w what they wish to create, work out how they are going to do it and what they are going to use. They are going to learn to manipulate objects, adapt items, and be resourceful.

Now that’s what I call learning!

Can you think of anything else to go in you homemade craft boxes?


We were sent the Fab Effex Make N’ Play – Animals to review. The idea is you wrap and decorate 3 cute animal forms. The set includes

  • 120 Fab Effex Pieces
  • 2 Full Fab Effex Sheets
  • 3 Plastic Animal Forms
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

I found the instruction sheet linited and somewhat confusing and I would stongly suggest you go the Fab Effex  website to get design tips and more ideas about how this works. We had lots of fun but I think there is far more we could do with practice. I have found it available from Lambs Toys at £9.99. Argos stock variety packs of fab effex too.

It’s really for children age 6+ but with a little help 4 year old Lisi had fun with it!

Fab Effex Make N' Play - Animals


Week 6

Get Crafty on a Budget – Stick Men

It has been a busy summer and our features for Baby Budgeting are coming to an end. I do hope that you have enjoyed the crafts brought to you and that they have inspired you to get crafty! Thank you to Becky for the opportunity to show you my crafts and I do hope to see you over at Red Ted Art soon!

Oh how we love this craft! It is simple and fun and we love the book “Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson.. so this is a great craft to get you out and about first and then go home and get crafty! Come visit Red Ted Art on how me made these little critters!

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Week 5

Get Crafty on a Budget – Sock Monster

Hello, I am Maggy and am visiting from Red Ted Art bringing you another fun and thrifty craft!

The summer holidays are indeed very long! By now you may feel you have exhausted all ideas for keeping your kids amused… if you are stuck.. why not try some Sock Monsters? These ones require no sewing!!! And once you have made them you can put on a puppet show!

It is a very friendly monster that loves to tickle and kiss you!!!

Don’t forget to come and visit “Back To School Get Crafty” – for a carnival of school/ office related craft ideas for more inspiration!


Week 3

Get Crafty on a Budget – Saltdough

Hello. Get Crafty on a budget is back! I am Maggy and I get crafty over at Red Ted Art! Today we are featuring our saltdough dinosaurs.


This isn’t really about the dinosaurs but about our “no cook” COLOURED saltdough.. Saltdough is much easier to make than playdough, as no cooking is involved! And once you are done, you can let it airdry or in the oven to harden. Don’t just make dinosaurs, but flower pendants, little bowls, anything really! Visit Red Ted Art for the Saltdough Recipe.

Don’t forget to come and visit “Back To School Get Crafty” – for a carnival of school/ office related craft ideas for more inspiration!