..even if you are at home with the kids, can’t find a job or have a job but need more money here are the 4 things you need to learn to make this month the month you start earnning…..

By Antonia Chitty

 I’ve been working for myself for 9 years, and it has been a steep learning curve. Finally I seem to have found ways to create reliable income that doesn’t leave me chained to my desk, allows me to take the holidays off AND spend time with my 3 children. I’ve learnt loads from my business partner Erica Douglas, and here we’re going to share our best tips to get you started:

  1. Change the way you think. You don’t always need to find a job to start earning. You DO need to be open to opportunities and you do need to be able to weigh up the cost of each opportunity.
  2. Do understand what you have to offer … and what you don’t. If you’re short on time, don’t set up a business that relies on swapping time for money. If you have an area where you are an expert DO exploit this.
  3. Don’t rely on just one income. In these times of recession it is even more important to have a few ways to earn. A part time job, income from ads on a blog, an e-course, some affiliate products: the more income streams you have, the better.
  4. Do get support and invest in training. Once you have started a small income, get clear on what you need to learn to take it to the next level. A small investment in training can really help you earn more.




Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas run the ‘Mumpreneur in a Mon1th’ 30 day free e-course that can help YOU start learning how to earn. Join the course now.


I wish someone had been on hand to tell me how to become a mumpreneur.

I am delighted that Baby Budgeting is being sponsored by Erica Douglas and Antonia Chitty. I have read many of Antonia’s fabulous family friendly working books and  have undertaken Erica’s informative bloggers course. Now they have joined forces and developed Become a Mumpreneur which is subject I know to be of interest to many of you readers here.

 Become a Mumprenuer is a new e-course designed to help you  find ways to earn from home, even if you have small children to look after, if you’re studying, if you have health problems that limit the work you can do, if you have caring responsibilities or simply if you are tied to school hours.

Over the last eight years, Antonia has built up a number of successful businesses and combines running them with writing books and looking after three children. After having to give up her part time job, Erica now combines working towards a full time income in part time hours though earning online with being a mum and studying for a degree too!

The  e-course  will guide you through creating your own income.  Sign up by 22nd January for a special launch price and do head on over to the site there are some amazing testimonials. These 2 very successful ladies certainly know what they are talking about! Perfect for mums on a budget with anbition!

Thanks BaM for being our new sponsors!

And if this time next year you are a millionaire remember who pointed you in the right direction……(that’s me!)


Budget Busting Tips to get your New Year off to a Great Start

If, like many of us, your bank account is looking more than a little empty this month, here are some great ideas from Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas of www.becomeamumpreneur.com that any mum can put into practice to help the family budget.

Budget Busting Tips

You may be worried about how you can get a little bit more income right now. Perhaps there aren’t many jobs in your area, and the jobs that there are don’t fit in with the childcare that you have. Maybe you look at mums running businesses and think , “I’d love to do that but  I don’t have her skills, I don’t have a big idea and I have nothing to invest to get my business started.” If you’re in this position, it is time to forget everything you’ve been taught about work and earning money.

If you’ve had enough of juggling childcare, having no spare cash, or feeling that you aren’t contributing financially then listen up because what we have to say could change your life.

There is a new way of earning that more and more mums are finding fits in with family life. Instead of relying on a single job, and then perhaps finding that their employer has to make cuts, mums in the know are developing ‘multiple streams of income’. Their earnings come in from several different routes.  Imagine this scenario.  Sharon who worked on the till at Woolie’s twenty hours a week also has a number of side incomes.  She has a parenting blog that earns her £300 a month in advertising.  She does some freelance writing for £150 per month.  Sharon has also just launched an eBook from a blog in a niche area which earns £75 a month.  Woolie’s went bust in the recession, but Sharon coped well. She cut back a bit but lives off her other incomes. She spent her free time creating that e-course which is now earning £300 a month and she invested her redundancy in another business opportunity which she hopes will be a big success. No matter which of Sharon’s incomes disappear she has others she can rely on, and it’s highly unlikely that all her incomes will dry up at the same time.

What does this mean for you?  You don’t need one big idea or lots of investment to become a mumpreneur.  You can do it bit by bit while still working full or part time.  If you’re a stay at home mum you can quietly work away on various things that could build into a full time income.

This is just the start, though. If what you’ve read sounds right up your street, Antonia and Erica have lots more to share with you about ways to earn that fit with the family. Join them, and hundreds of others mums on the journey to earn a full time income in part time hours. Get all ther Budget Busting Tips on the free e-course at www.becomeamumpreneur.com.