Top Ten Ways to Grow a Successful Business By Grace Marshall is a report to help mums make the very most of their business opportunities. And what is most fantastic for all you budgeting mums with big ambitions for your family time as well as your business is that it is totally free to download!


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I have reviewed work by life coach and business guru  Grace Marshall before. She wrote the brilliant e-course from Burnout to Brilliant which I totally advocated. Great stuff.
I am not going to tell you all Grace’s top ten tips  (because you may as well read the actual thing) but I did want to tell you what I thought of it. I love that it fouses on you being you with your patterns, natural working rythyms interests and own style. It is always such a relief to me not to have to fit a mould or pretend. It’s exhausting!
 Grace talks a lot of sense in this report and addresses some very real issues for mums in business the ones that stuck out for me were the lack of definition between business and home time and how I might just write half an email fold some laundry than research something whilst half reading a story! Define your time!  

I also love her tip about valuing ourselves. As Grace says as mums we do above and beyond withour really valuing our inout, in business we NEED to value ourselves and charge what we are worth. Are you listening fellow mummy bloggers!

Finally my other favourite tip by Grace is about ‘scheduling margin’ into our day. I never give myself this extra time and always ended up overloaded . My most organised business pal Naomi Richards AKA The Kids Coach always schedules margin and she is serenely organised. 

I learnt a lot from this report and I highly recommend it.  You can download it free HERE

You can find out more about Grace Marshall at


Thanks to life coach and successful mum in business Grace Marshall for this fab guest post

The face of motherhood is changing. I think there was a time when the labels were either ‘working mum’ or ‘stay at home mum’. Now there are those who work full time, part time, ‘work at home mums’, employed, self-employed, flexi-time, job share, freelance, contractors and entrepreneurs.

And so is the face of business. Traditionally a business owner might be expected to be suited and booted, working from an office or a shop premises, employing staff, seeing clients 9-5 and working behind the scenes 5-9.

Let’s face it, none of us really want to add to the demands of parenthood by remortgaging the house to fund a business venture. Or spending every waking hour away from the family. And being at the beck and call of other people. We get enough of that from our kids thank you.

But today’s technology and social trends are pushing back the boundaries and offering much more choice, and making it increasingly attractive for women to combine motherhood with entrepreneurialism.

Of course it’s not easy. But mums are used to hard work and actually pretty brilliant at being responsive and resourceful.                                                      

Today you can

  • run a business from home without the overheads of a shop or office
  • cherry pick who you work with and serve customers worldwide without having to travel or relocate
  • define your own working hours, whether it’s in the evening when the kids are in bed and your brain becomes entirely your own again, when you’ve been woken up at 5am or simply to fit in between the school run.
  • take time off and still get paid on holidays, sick days, sports days and spontaneous picnic days
  • market your services without a huge advertising budget

On that last note, here are 10 tips for marketing your business on a shoestring budget:

  1. Define your niche and target market – rather than diluting your message and budget by being all things to all people
  2. Write articles and submit them to article directories like
  3. Join or create an online forum relevant to your niche/target market and share your knowledge
  4. Promote your company, product, giveaway or special offer on your email signature
  5. Share your knowledge and build your credibility through blogs, interviews, podcasts or videos.
  6. Make it easy for people to share their email address with you to keep in touch and give an added incentive with a free report, set of tips, e-course or e-book.
  7. Interview an expert or be interviewed yourself and share your expertise
  8. Run a competition
  9. Conduct a survey
  10. Talk to people who serve the same people you do with services that complement yours. See how you can help each other, with swapping links, joint promotions and affiliate partnerships for example.

And a bonus tip

  1. You know all those business cards you’ve got lurking somewhere from other small business owners that you’ve met. Ring three of them and ask for more information about what they do so you can more easily refer business to them.  Ask if you can tell them more about your business.

If you’re a mum who wants to create a business that works for you without being swamped in the process, I’d love to see you on my upcoming teleseminar, where I’ll be sharing real life insights and practical tips, including How to take holidays, sick days, snow days and spontaneous picnic days whenever you need and want to. And why having children can accelerate rather than hinder your business. For more details of this free event visit

Grace Marshall is mum to two young children, and a life and business coach who loves to help other mums create their own definition of motherhood and business. Join her at


This is a guest post from life coach Grace Marshall. It’s excllent advice…………………You’ll find Grace’s own blog at

Mums are amazing. Some of the world’s best nurturers, carers, encouragers and cheerleaders are mums. Yes, we are often completely out of our depth, and certainly no strangers to being stretched, but we are GOOD at looking after people. Apart from ourselves, that is.

It’s funny, I intended to write this last night. But I was so tired I was falling asleep before my one year old’s bedtime. You see, it’s been a wonderful full on time lately, which coupled with my daughter’s current body clock means that I’ve been getting well (re)acquainted with chronic sleep deprivation.

Normally I’m a night owl. My brain works best at night and I love the clarity and freedom to think and work without interruption. But last night, I did seriously start considering going to bed straight after putting Catherine to bed. And as soon as I thought about it, the thoughts that came to mind were “I can’t because…” followed by all the things I had to do, including writing this blog post on “Looking after yourself as a mum”. Yes the irony didn’t escape me either.

So I took my own advice and put my own needs firmly back in the picture. I went to bed – not quite as early as Catherine – but MUCH earlier than usual. And the result? Well I could have still stayed happily in bed for longer, but not only was I NOT the aching growling zombie mummy waking at 5am, I was able to genuinely enjoy that time with Catherine before the rest of the house awoke and I’ve been on much better form all day, getting things done and giving from a place of plenty.

So here’s the thing. Maybe it’s not so much what you do for yourself but the fact that you do, and what you’re telling yourself when you do: that you’re worthwhile, precious, worth caring for and looking after, that it’s ok to be human and to appreciate TLC, and that you can…

A suggestion I heard recently is to put a picture of yourself as a child somewhere you’ll see every day, as a reminder to point some of that instinctive nurturing love in your own direction.

If you are looking for ideas, one exercise I love doing with my clients is getting them to write a list of twenty tiny things that bring them energy, joy, peace, inspiration, or all of the above. You’ll be surprised at how simple, affordable and freely available many of them are.

Here are a few real life examples:

  • Take time in the evenings to just unwind. Take bath or watch a film.
  • Take an hour out and go and sit under a big tree on the heath
  • Music and dancing
  • Knitting when there is no deadline
  • Taking my time in the shower
  • Reading
  • Laughter
  • Time with friends
  • Sitting under a starry sky on a clear night

And if you do fancy a spot of good old-fashioned pampering, check out your local college. If they offer a beauty or massage course, they will usually offer treatments at very affordable prices for their guinea pigs – ahem I mean case studies and portfolios. Although possibly avoid the waxing.

Thank you Grace!


Are you a busy mum, at the heart of your family, the main person holding everything together? Would you like More time? More energy? More fun and less stress? It’s not just business types that get burnout …being a mum can sometimes overwhelm you and get you down.

 I was offered the chance to read and review life coach Grace Marshall’s From Burnout to Brilliant – Regaining your Oomph in 12 easy steps e-book. I really want you to read it yourself so I’m only going to give you a little glimpse into it and tell you what I thought. about it.

 Grace describes her e-book as a collection of thoughts, exercises and tips to challenge and inspire you to take control, tune into your own needs, revitalise, release and balance!  Oh and how I needed a big dose of that. I’m just recovering from a shoulder injury and have been on a lot of meds that have made me feel groggy, bad tempered and out of sorts. I am also a bit unsure where I want to go career wise (my baby’s are both going to be at school within the next 18 months) and I need some direction. Bring it on Grace!

Copyright: JIm Sutton 2006

 The tips in this book encouraged me to explore what I need, what I want and what was blocking me. My absolute favourite exercise was step 7 when I got to write down how I really feel without defence (blimey where did all that come from!) then I had to list what bought me joy and see about bringing it into my life.  It was really beneficial…I have being doing jobs, getting through the pain of my injury and neglecting joy terribly.  I have made my list and am scheduling a joy date once a week into my diary. Starting with seeing Eclipse with some good friends and popcorn!

 I  loved Graces e-book. I feel up beat about it but I don’t feel I have evaded the tough stuff. As a psychotherapist, pick me up tips with no substance feel a bit like cheap sticking plasters to me. Grace’s book makes you work a little, think, confront and be honest then it sets you off down a better track. I would really recommend it. It doesn’t take long to do each step but they are definately steps worth taking.

 Exclusive Babybudgeting offer from Grace Marshall

Being a mum is no doubt one of the toughest and busiest jobs there is. With everything that the motherhood title covers – from housekeeper to children’s entertainer, peacekeeper, comforter, taxi-driver and much more – we never seem to have enough time for our kids, house, partner, work, and everyone else, let alone ourselves.

From Burnout to Brilliant can really help. You can access it step by step over 12 weeks by email for free, or buy the complete course as an e-book you can choose to take at your own pace for only £9.99.

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