OMG I have not posted about my diet in ages.

Well that’s because I had a big old Christmas blip  and it’s all gone a bit wrong. 4-5 lbs on and taking a while to get off. Since my starting weight I am now 2 stone 9lb less than when I started but frustrated with myself because we have been here before . Oh well onwards and upwards .

Some great tips posted below by Jenny Craig this month that I am going to try.

  • Late night chocolate craving?  Have a low cal hot chocolate drink, as this may take the edge off the cravings.
  • Keep a nibbling pot in the fridge full of fruit and veggies – it may help keep you away from the biscuits
  • A low fat yogurt frozen in a ramekin makes a really tasty, low fat dessert.  (A low fat yogurt contains less than 3g fat per 100g)


I am going back to my weekly postings and by summer I will have lost 5 stone New year new start and all that….wish me luck!




Things are going steadily,  another 1lb off.

Becca my lovely mentor at Jenny Craig has suggested this week I drink LOADS of water to really kick start things and eat lots of homemade soup (well not lots but have a go at making it) . So watch this space next week could be a BIG Loss.

Well more than 1./2 lb a week I hope!!!


I lost  pound last week and a pound this week have 4 lbs to go and I will have lost 3 stone. Fabulous. Jenny Craig you have done me proud so far, I am truly delighted by this weight loss it is slowly steady and seems to be staying off.

As I have said throughout, the weekly consultancy from Jenny Craig has been superb. I have had the same consultant Millie throughout my journey so far.

I could get all tearful here and talk about how heartbroken I am that my lovely consultant is no longer my consultant. We said goodbye last week as she has a new role. But I won’t get all emotional because  what Millie has taught me most is to be positive and focussed. So instead of being negative I would like to say a huge thank you to Millie for being an awesome consultant and a huge support for me.

She has listened, guided, advised , cheered , motivated, informed, enlightened and empathised. She has held my hand and pulled me back to my feet. I am so grateful. I was ill and unhappy and my weight was just increasing. I feel me again and I am a better role model to my kids for sure.

I have told Millie about my habits,  my stresses, my losses and I have been able to be totally honest with her about my eating. She has genuinely cared and invested her energy and her heart into my development. As mentors go in my life she really has been one of the best,

Thank you Millie form the very bottom of my heart for helping me back to good health, greater confidence and a happier me.  Through you my kids have a better chance of being healthy too. So from my whole family…thank you and good luck to you. You are star!


Back on track this week (after maintaining after my Butlins trip last week)  another lb lost so 32 in total now.

I began using kettle bells this week as I want to avoid bingo wings. All I can say is OW and that they made me sweat ( al lot) a great work out on the arms though. I will keep this up (can watch TV as I  bicep curl)

jenny craig diet, kettlebell diet, kettlebell exercise

I got mine form Amazon  its a York 3kg kettlebell and it cost about £8


Whilst I have truly been finding the school holidays a bit tricky,  my consultant Millie has been constantly positive and has really helped focus me on adhering to the diet and reaching my goals.

Jenny Craig have this to say about their consultants……

Supporting you all the way

Our clients tell us that their consultant is the most valuable part of the Jenny Craig Programme.   During the weekly 15 minute telephone call, you’ll build up a close relationship which will help you stay on track.  Your consultant will motivate, educate and guide you.

Each week, you’ll discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Your previous week’s results – your successes and challenges
  • Your activity plan
  • Planning for the week ahead, including social occasions or eating out

Comprehensive training and a passion to help you reach your goals!

All of our consultants have comprehensive nutrition, physical activity and motivation training – and have monthly refresher courses in all of these areas.   They are also friendly and approachable and build up close relationships with their clients over time. Above all, they have a great passion to help each of their clients lose weight!


This has definitely been my experience so far, Millie feels like the best cheerleader ever but she is also very wise on a ll this wheras I am a bit bumbly from abeing a lifetime overeater.

But you  know what…I am getting there! (Oh and to everyone who leaves me a comment or tells me I’m looking good YOU help more than you know and it is hugely appreciated. )


I have been supplied with the Jenny Craig diet plan fee for the purpose of review but my opinions and my weight loss are my own!


Well this week I lost 2lbs. Not bad at all  I know, but boy has it been a tough but lovely week. Having the kids at home all half term meant food and what to feed them and their little pals was constantly on my mind. My kids are really energetic and they eat a lot, they also really like to bake. Temptation was at me from every corner!!

We had a day out at Alton Towers, a picnic at the boating lake, tea at an outdoor cafe. We had a trip to great Grandmas where everyone (except me) ate LOADS of cake. I did find it hard.

On occasion I did finish the chips off their plates , mop up french bread they had left, have the ocasional little  snack more than I should. Luckily I also did masses of walking, tennis and other exercise. I need this week to get back to normal and back on track. I don’t want to slip back into my rubbish old habits. Hopefully by the summer holidays my new habits will be more entrenched.

I don’t feel negative about it  though. I think this is part of my weight loss journey and temptation is a hurdle I have to learn to jump.

I’ve lost 20lb now I am absolutely thrilled.

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