Where motherhood and entrepreneurialism meet (and 10 free and low cost ways to market your business)

Thanks to life coach and successful mum in business Grace Marshall for this fab guest post The face of motherhood is changing. I think there was a time when the labels were either ‘working mum’… View Post

Are you considering time off with your baby but are unsure whether you can afford this? Here are 5 tips to get you thinking:

sponsered post  1. Look at your finances What do you earn? (Write it down) What payments do you have that are essential and what can you lose? Be ruthless with the big and the small… View Post

A film about a mummy blogger, Mothers Day Eve + a chance to win the dvd!

Celebrate ‘Mother’s Day Eve’ and Win 1 of 3 Motherhood DVDs – out on DVD 8th March To promote the release of MOTHERHOOD, starring Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver – ASDA, MUMS.NET and METRODOME DISTRIBUTION have launched a special new date… View Post