reasons to be cheerful

I am budget cheerful this week because…

….. I was able to make my sons world book day outfit for school  of old clothes as he went as a scarecrow. We had plenty of old scraggy tops lying around and a battered straw hat. Other classes had much more complicated characters and I know a lot of money was spent. It’s a shame I think to have to spend on fancy dress for your child.

……I was able to spend lots of time reading books, telling stories, listening to online stories  and going to the library this week in the name of World Book Day all free and fabulous acttivities.

 …..I finally launched my ebook 50 ideas for sensational Spring fun on a budget with under fives and I hope I will save you lots of money this Spring with loads of low cost activity ideas.

See all good stuff for the budget!


JAVTQXBZDRSW is that me talking a load of rubbish?  trying to untangle my sons writing of the alphabet? or is it me making a technorati claim? maybe it’s a code for gaining free mortgage payments  for a year?

I shall keep the answer under my hat x

Hope you have a lovely day. Spring is definately here.