Teach your kids some Christmas Songs

Down the road from me is a lovely avenue lined with banks, coffee shops and charity shops and not a lot else!

I think that’s rather wonderful as you can almost certainly stumble upon some treasure or other in one of the shops on any given day. Last count we had 7 to choose from just in our little suburb along one strip of avenue!

When I was a little girl at school we sang hymns every morning and despite going to a C of E school my kids sing them far less even at Christmas. In fact they know the words to very few songs  and I think that is a shame. It’s great fun to belt out a song you know and love well.

So I had a mission to find a CD full of kids carols. It did n’t take long. It was only £1 too and it’s a great CD


It has Jingle Bells and Rudoplph on as you would expect but also some Christmas pop classics like Do they know its Christmas? and Last Christmas.

My favourite Away in a Manager is also there. My mission is by the time Christmas comes the kids will know every word to at least a few of these!

I have been warming up my v0cal chords by having a cheeky little pre-December listen !



Have you found any bargains this week?

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  1. Carolina J.
    November 19, 2013 / 2:26 pm

    I’ve bought 3 Kids Christmas CDs from LIDL this week for my little girl, they are absolutely brilliant. £1.99 each.

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