The eToro social trading platform

Have you heard of the eToro social trading platform ?



eToro is the world’s leading online social trading network.

It launched in 2007 and has just  received recognition at FinovateEurope 2017 with the Best of Show award.

It has over 6 million registered members from 140 different countries and thousands of new accounts opened each day. You could say it is very popular

eToro’s mission is to change how people access the financial markets and make their trading experience more social, transparent and enjoyable. They ultimately want to show that trading is not just for the elite or the fabulous wealthy but it can be accessible to everyone


Social Trading

One of the perks of social trading in this way is that you can follow, communicate with and ultimately copy other users.

Following a user is similar to following someone on Twitter, you just click on their profile to see their activity in your feed.  Through this you can emulate other more experienced traders. eToro also allows users to copy the trades of the platforms leading investors. The eToro platforms transparency allows you to see what users are trading in, in real-time then if you wish you can choose to ‘copy’ a trader.

That is such a good idea for the inexperienced and less confident trader!

eToro members can talk directly with other traders to ask questions, join online discussions and share knowledge and insight through an interactive, real-time news feed. Members can engage with the trader they are copying in order to understand their strategies and make more informed choices.


So who are these Popular Investors ?

The Popular Investor program rewards the most activeand  successful traders in the community. These can just be regular people who have done well. Members can only copy Popular Investors and  this helps reduce risk.

Jaynemesis currently has 85.35% profits over the last 12 months is one of eToro’ popular investors. He is copied by 249 other users from around the world.

Jay is a professional gamer and has travelled  the world representing his  country at eSports tournaments. he thinks the quick reactions and swift decisions of this have helped him with investing.

He mainly trades cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and Tech stocks as this is what he knows best. Jay came across Bitcoin when it cost only $12 for a coin, a currency that is now worth over $1,000 per coin.

Jay was drawn to eToro because it is a community driven platform and the interface is easy to use. He now spends between 2-3 hours a day on eToro which has increased significantly as he has become more serious about trading and he has clearly made a huge success of this.


What do you think? Do you think this sound interesting?

Has it changed your view of trading?



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  1. March 19, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    It sounded interesting to me, that’s why I started trading on eToro a couple of months ago. Plattform is really easy to use, the possibility to chat with other traders and copy them is great. Unexperienced traders must be careful though – trading always involves risk, no matter how good the trading platform is…

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