The Last Bubble

The Last Bubble is an interactive story app.

the last bubble

It is very gentle and rather lovely.

It is a simple story of a boy blowing some bubbles and his last bubble that floats very far away. Children love blowing bubbles don’t they (me too) and I often wonder where they will end up. Mine used to love chasing them around the garden and wondering if they had hit the neighbours chimney pot or floated away over the clouds.  In this story you get to see where the bubble travels to.


This book is a lovely concept for very young children to engage with as it is straightforward and fun. Part way through the story they get to pop bubble as they move across the screen, a lovely simple game for little ones.

I think many parents would like The Last Bubble on their phone to entertain their little ones. Young children love repetition in stories and the little game inside it adds another level of interest. This is really very sweet and the graphics are very pleasing.

I can imagine this story being whisked open to distract from tears or tantrums or during changes or just at story and snuggle time.


Click here to  download the adorable  The Last Bubble It costs just 79p.





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