Trashies in Toilets

Trashies in toilets have arrived!

Rubbish bins have endlessly fascinated my son from watching the bin lorry to putting his little grubby hands in them. Toilets have long held a similar satisfaction. Not for my daughter but for my son for some reason, even age 9 a poo joke will really crack him up.

Frankie has loved trashies since the trash pack series started. The little creatures that live in bins are both cute and horrid at the same time!

Trash Pack Series 5 - 5 trashies in toilets pack

The new series of trashies have swapped their trademark orange dustbins and are now the proud inhabitants of yellow toilets instead. He thought this was great.

Trash Pack Series 5 - 5 trashies in toilets

A pack of 5 series 5 toilet trashies  are £5 and I think they would make a fab stocking filler for any child that likes toilet humour and little sets /characters.

Great fun and very silly indeed! There’s a number of crazy trashie games to be played with them and over 100 characters to collect. Made by Flair and available from all good toys stores.



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