Weekly Dates for your Diary Christmas Infographic

Are you starting to panic about Christmas. It is December next week and I need to stop saying oh it is ages away…loads of time…nothing to worry about. it really is just around the corner.

I am feeling very relaxed right now, probably too relaxed actually. A few people I know are all finished and sorted, some have even wrapped their presents. Not me I have barely begun!

How are you doing with your Christmas organisation. One blogger I know even has her tree up!

It’s time to pull my finger out and get organised. I don’t want to miss any bargains or be run off my feet at the last minute…which to be honest is what usually happens at our house.

I need a plan!

Pay weekly store PerfectHome have created this handy infographic with key dates for your diary in the weekly run up to Christmas.

PerfectHome have create this infographic which provides some really handy key dates and advice on what to expect in the run up to Christmas, and what to be doing when (especially for the busy and budget-conscious!) I’m busy and budget conscious and I am pretty sure most of you are too so I do hope this helps you out!

Better get my diary out and get the advent calenders in!

Perfect Home Christmas Infographic NO BF lr-01




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