What do you look for in an all round family computer for the home


What do you look for in an all round family computer for the home?

High on my priority list are the following:

Budget friendly


Great screen



Space saving

   Makes a cup of tea (and toast) and gets the kids ready for school,   

 does the ironing, washes the dishes, files my tax return, makes lunch

and wraps all  the Christmas presents. One day…….maybe 😉

I’ve been looking at these for a while and I think an all in one desktop

solution may be worth considering.


The All-in-One computer provides a family with several benefits for their

home computing needs. These days, the All-in-One desktop provides

just as much power and functionality as a regular desktop computer

or laptop, but these desktops, such as the Dell Inspiron One All-in-One desktops,

have lots of useful features including:

–      For home entertainment:

  • HD widescreen display,
  • internet connectivity capability (Wi-Fi),
  • DVD drive, and the ability to connect to TV tuners,
  • cable and satellite boxes and gaming consoles through an HDMI port.

The design means that the computer can easily fit in a corner of the kitchen, on a desk

in the home office, or be the central viewing screen in the family room.

Just think if you live in a small house /apartment how brilliant that would be!  

With the Dell version there is an interface called stage where you can quickly access

all your favourite photos, videos and music.  You can basically make this your central

gadget!  Definitely worth a thought.


Further information on the dell can be found here: or if you’d rather take a look

at what the Dell has to offer check out this video  on you tube










I am always looking to declutter and to spend less and this looks like the way forward.

I think our kids will see it as commonplace to have all their gadgets in one place.



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