What does the perfect face and body look like ?

A recent survey conducted with over 1,000 men and women revealed the British perception of beauty and perfection in Celebrities. The results in this infographic from MYA which shows which Celebrities have the best body parts and what the ‘perfect’ man and woman would potentially look like.

Do you agree, is this what the perfect face and body looks like?

Would you want the perfect face and body?

If I was really striving for perfect I would need a smaller nose, smaller boobs and an uplift, lypo, a lot of botox, a bum uplift  and my ears to be a little less pointy and maybe some skin off my arms? I could do with growing 7 inches taller too and probably having a hair transplant. Pretty invasive stuff which would cost a fortune and take ages and completely change me I think.

I wouldn’t want that..not really. I would no longer look like me.

I often think I would like instead to be the very best version of myself. I put renewed effort each new year into slimming and toning and cleansing and moisturizing. Inevitably my interest wanes though and at 5ft 1 and most definitely curvy its never going to be easy to get a supermodel look.

Treatments that renew are best for me. I once had a microdermabrasion session and thought it was amazing. My skin looked fresh and young afterwards and it was a speedy simple non invasive procedure. I think this kind of treatment is lovely for low maintenance ladies like me!

There are a lot of non-surgical procedures available and I do find them tempting. I know many people are anti but I quite like the idea. Felling good because you look lovely may seem shallow but it is a pick me up as old as the hills and we all know it works.

I have quite a lot of scarring on my face and I feel I have to wear make up daily to hide them even on warm days when I have a light tan.  Laser skin resurfacing sounds a great way to get rid of this top layer of skin and reveal the skin below.It would feel so liberating for me not to have to use foundation!

What are your views on cosmetic surgery?

Mine are a bit jumbled.

In essence I   think we are all perfect just as we are. I celebrate uniqueness. I think we should feel great about ourselves no matter what we look like, BUT that  life is too short not to fix what bothers you AND cosmetic procedures can have huge emotional benefits.

So a mixed bag of thoughts from me…what about you what would you have done? Or wouldn’t you?





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