What would your Mum Salary be ?

I have long suspected I worked many, many hours in regard to being a mum.

Mum s

On a typical day yesterday I …

Drove my son to his play-date

Shopped for snacks for my daughter sleepover

Cooked 3 x

Set up room for sleepover

Did 3 loads of laundry

Sorted out bags and bedding for said sleepovers, called the plumber as someone broke the tap

Sorted out crafts

Pumped the football

Supervised banana muffin making

Emptied / loaded the dishwasher many times

Took in a huge food shop

Cleaned football boots….. I could go on and on and on!

Cooking, cleaning, driving, educating, playing with, organising-  these are all part and parcel of my mum jobs. I wouldn’t change them for the world (well maybe the laundry!) I do know I work very, very hard for my kids and it can be exhausting.

So what’s my value as a mum (chef, taxi driver, teacher etc.)  I know I am appreciated but what’s the  monetary value I mean, for all I do ?

Oh my goodness you really must take a look at this fabulous mum salary tool

It is very deep online quiz, which called “Value of mum” (mum salary). It’s both a light-hearted and informative quiz at the same time. You have to check it out.

Here’s what I am worth!

Mum salary

They work this out calculating the hours you work in many seperate areas related to your child.

I would love to know what your mum value is. Do let me know in comments below.

Follow the link to the quiz here




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