Will you Join the No Junk Campaign ?


Organix who make fabulous organic toddler and baby food are inviting us all to join their campaign this week.

The No Junk Challenge aims to help families to reclaim healthy eating by pledging their commitment to No Junk and to say ‘yes’ to healthy, natural food for the family. It runs from 28 April to May 4th.

I am loving this campaign from Organix and we have signed up their no junk pledge already The No Junk campaign is about to encouraging parents to cook with fresh simple and healthy ingredients and to challenge the food industry to remove the ‘junk’ from children’s food.


I am so in favour of this.

Kids are growing and more than anyone else they need to be fueled by the good stuff not a load of rubbish!  One in five kids start school obese and nearly half of the best selling food barns are high in fat salt and sugar. We have a family history of diabetes and  the women in my family have almost all been overweight. It’s really important to me that we change this family tendency and that my kids get the best chance possible to be as healthy as they can be.   

We are going to really focus in on healthy eating this week.

Lots of fresh fruit and veg !

The No Junk campaign is ambitious. Organix wants to talk to government about children’s food and challenge the food industry, to make it easier for families to shop for healthy foods.

Hurray to that!

Take a look at this great video it will tell you a bit more about the campaign.

Why don’t you join in? There is a lovely linky over at Holly Bell’s blog where peeps are sharing their best no junk recipes if you need some inspiration

There will be recipes to share, competitions and plenty more fun and facts to help you be a super healthy eating family. Check out the campaign by either

Joining the conversation  on twitter –hashtag #NoJunk on Twitter / Follow @organixbrands on Twitter

or  checking out their facebook page

Fruity skewers have to be the most fun recipe ever and so simple and healthy!




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  2. Holly B
    April 29, 2014 / 9:49 am

    Hurrah for fruit skewers! Doesn’t everything taste better on a stick? x

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