Win a Luxury Biscuit Hamper from Scottish Hampers

*Our winner has been informed Comp now closed*

Who doesn’t love a Biscuit Hamper? Take a look at this one from the fabulous Scottish Hampers that we have up for grabs. Doesn’t it look yummy?


1 x          Small Hamper 16″

1 x          Lorina Traditional Pink Lemonade
1 x          Nevis Highland Shortbread Fingers
1 x          Island Bakery Oat Crumbles
1 x          Island Bakery Chocolate Gingers
1 x          Island Bakery Apple Crumbles
1 x          Border Belgian Chocolate Cookies
1 x          Nevis Bakery Madeira Cake
1 x        Caithness Banoffee Oaties


This retails at £38.99. Others in the range include the wee bairn hamper, Scottish Cheese, the Scottish beer box even breakfast in a box! Of course you can make up your own bespoke hamper on the site too. What a treat.


Terms and Conditions.

To enter this competition simply tell me in comments below when you most like a biscuit.

For a second entry simply follow this blog and tell me in a sperate comment you are doing so.

This comp will run until March 23rd and close at 6pm. UK entries only and only 1 per person. Winner will be picked at random by baby budgeting.

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  1. Any time of the day and always with a hot drink. Especially when I am about to watch a movie or television show that I am captivated by. Reminds me of when I was younger watching The Goonies or Labyrinth, a cup of tea was always made and some biscuits handed out. Good times!

  2. Elevenses – what tea and biscuits were made for!

  3. Holly Green says:

    First thing in the morning to dip in some milk… bit naughty but I like it!

  4. laura samantha avery says:

    when im waiting for the kettle to boil..that way the 3 children cant see me and want one so i dont have to share 😛

  5. Tracy Grant says:

    I have 2 favorite times to enjoy a biccy, 1st around mid morning, when the housework is done, I love to sit down with a nice cuppa and a biscuit, then in an evening when the kiddies have gone to bed, xx

  6. Sarah Williams says:

    I love having a biscuit and a cup of tea once the children and baby are in bed for the evenin. It relaxes me after a stressful day and is my little treat !

  7. Hannah Jeffery says:

    I love a biscuit nibble just before bed with a cup of horlicks – i get my dunk right on!! :)

  8. charmaine kirkland says:

    i’m currently pregnant with my first child and every time i feel sick i eat a biccie and it goes away! Baby’s definitely like there mummy! i love biscuits at the office! =D

  9. Lauren Hall says:

    Every time I have a cuppa, dunking is the way to go

  10. Nick Hopkins says:

    I like a biscuit after dinner.

  11. Nick Hopkins says:

    Following you on Twitter


  12. Andrea K says:

    mid morning with a cup of tea

  13. susan thornton says:

    I most like a biscuit with my first cup of tea in the morning – bliss!

  14. deborah davies says:

    i most like a biscuit with a nice cup of tea at the end of the day when im watching the soaps :o)

  15. Katrina White says:

    I love a good biscuit with a good cup of tea,
    put my feet on the sofa and a whole packet for me!

  16. mandy waller says:

    After dropping kids off at nursery in the morning the first thing i do is make a cuppa put my feet up and enjoy a nice biscuit :)

  17. Pat Stubbs says:

    With my afternoon cuppa especially when paying bridge!

  18. Amy Ritchie says:

    I love a biscuit is the bath – lovely bubbles, a glass of cold milk and a scrummy biscuit, bliss!

  19. Amy Ritchie says:

    love a biscuit in a nice hot bubble bath!

  20. After dinner, but before bed. Sometime around when settling down to a good movie or another episode of some american drama.

  21. Ann Willers says:

    I just love the crunchiness and naughtiness of having a biscuit when the mood takes me. Munching with a mate over coffee has to be the best thing ever.

  22. Chris Bunn says:

    Sunday dinner time with a cuppa coffee

  23. Adrian Clarke says:

    Gets me going (no not like that) first thing in the morn!

  24. Would have to be after lunchtime for me when I’m done with my usual sandwich and after something sweet!

  25. Samantha eyles says:

    When I wake up in the morning with a cup of tea, before my daughter gets up

  26. Tina Young says:

    Any time! But everynight without fail, i have a couple of biscuits with half a pint of cold milk before bed!!

  27. Sharon Curran says:

    I like to have a biscuit with my cup of tea when my 1 year old son has his daytime nap.

  28. jackie rushton says:

    For a sweet snack at lunch whilst at work, to keep my energy levels up!

  29. Louise Smith says:

    With my mid morning cup of tea

  30. janet brotherton says:

    anytime……yum yum

  31. Colette Hallinan says:

    During that brief moment in the afternoon when both my children are snoozing at once!

  32. jamesmum says:

    I love a biscuit with a cup of tea. x

  33. Hazel Christopher says:

    I most love a biscuit when my son is having his mid morning nap, I’ve cleaned the house, walked the dog and done all the other bits and bobs … it’s the first chance I get to grab 5 minutes to myself.

  34. Susan Martin says:

    With my morning coffee, mmmm

  35. A biscuit in bed before we get up with a cup of tea is a real luxury!

  36. I follow you in my Google Reader :)

  37. In the evening with a hot mocha x

  38. Dawn Chapman says:

    elevenses, when my chores are done, there’s nothing better!

  39. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I love a sneaky biccywith my morning coffee 😉

  40. sandy shaheen says:

    I love a biscuit with some hot chocolate whilst in bed watching tv.

  41. Hannah Whitling says:

    In the evening, when everything is done and i can finally relax in front of the tv, i like one then, usually when watching a film as i get comfy and settled on the sofa then and it makes it more enjoyable

  42. DENISE CROSS says:

    I like dunking my biscuits in tea so whenever I have a cuppa!

  43. With a cup of tea of course!

  44. I like a biscuit with a cuppa about 1pm if I get the rare chance, Thanks.

  45. Emma Lowe says:

    in the afternoon with a nice cup of tea, to keep me going until yea time

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