Win a £150 Tesco Voucher at Baby Budgeting!

*Winner was Lesley Bains*

To celebrate their brilliant Tesco baby event that is on at the moment and the launch of the fabulous new Tesco Loves Baby range,Tesco have provided Baby Budgeting readers with an absolutely AWESOME competition.


A £150 gift card to spend online or in-store on

anything you like!

How absolutely brilliant is that!

To enter:

Simply tell me what you think you might do with it in the comment section below. The winner will be picked at random from the entries below and the competition will run until Tuesday 29th January at 11.50pm.

For extra entries

For a second entry simply follow my Baby Budgeting RSS feed and let me know in an extra comment that you have.

(Just click here)

For a third comment simply follow @babybudgeting and @tescobabyclub on twitter and leave a third comment to say you have.


UK residents and over 18’s only to enter please. One entry per person only. No cash alternative. Baby Budgeting decision is final.

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  1. I would stock the cupboards up with the essentials and then buy some food and wine and invite some friends round for a dinner party

  2. Stacey Guilliatt says:

    I’d spend it on my boy’s 1st birthday, in March!

  3. Susan Parker says:

    I would spend it on bedding and bedroom accessories for My two little Grandaughters’ new bedroom in their New House.

  4. I’d use the gift card to buy some healthy, delicious food to share with all the family :)

  5. I’m following @babybudgeting and @tescobabyclub on Twitter :)

  6. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I would buy some food and maybe bottle of wine.

  7. Food shopping

  8. Caroline James says:

    I’d use it to buy a few extra luxuries each week.

  9. Katy spence says:

    I would create the perfect family night it. food, snacks, dvd and duvet!

  10. Clare walshe says:

    My little boy is just coming up for two so I would put some towards presents for his birthday and the rest would go on stocking up on his essentials such as nappies etc

  11. siobhan marie says:

    id love to get my daughter a new spring /summer wardrobe xx

  12. alison hill says:

    I think I would have to spend it on a food shop, my two growing children seem to have hollow legs at the moment.

  13. Cyndi Johnson says:

    I would use it to buy ingredients to make a chocolate cake for my husband for valentine’s day, then use the remaining on regular groceries. Unfortunately I have a restrictive diet, so often our food expenses are sky high as hubby and I have to make two different types of meals each time we eat, one for me and one for him.

  14. Lloyd Treadwell says:

    I’d spend it on entertainment, dvd, wines, chocs for a cosy night in with the missus.

  15. I would treat my kids to new clothes!

  16. I would treat my new 11 week old daughter to some cloths and toys to share with her for many years to come.

  17. Becky Downey says:

    I’d go mad and buy nappies, jars of food, baby clothes and wipes!

  18. Joseph Hajiantoni says:

    I would spend some of the voucher on some new clothes for my son, and spend the rest stocking up my cupboards on quality food to beat the January Monday blues.

  19. I think I’d cover the grocery bill for a while so I didn’t have to worry about it,

  20. I would spend it on treats for the whole family- it’s been a hard year and they deserve it!

  21. Karen Brady says:

    I would take my daughter shopping for the items she needs for her first baby due in March

  22. vivian allman says:

    i would stock my cupboards with tinned goodes, pasta rice etc, after the last lot of snow i want to be prepared should it happen again.

  23. Michelle Williams-Green says:

    It’s my daughters birthday in a couple of weeks, so some party food and decorations would be lovely.

  24. Joy dehany says:

    I would gets some decent meat and spend some on my toddler for her birthday, and get some new bedding. x

  25. Michelle K says:

    I would buy some clothes for the kids and toys to put away for their Birthdays :)

  26. I’d treat my gorgeous lady and baby to a slap up valentines meal with pressys!

  27. Lea Yates says:

    I would treat my mum with it for her 60 th birthday in February .

  28. Lea Yates says:

    Following on twitter @leanna_yates

  29. DAWN TOTTON says:

    I would stock up on grocery shopping.

  30. Very boring but it would be spent on filling up our fridge/freezer as we are moving at the end of Feb, so will be running down the food until then.

  31. I am following both pages on Twitter as well @Chicken_1983

  32. Carolynn Crabb says:

    Would spend it on some baby essentials for my daughter and her partner. Stock up on nappies, clothes of the next size up and a couple of treats for the rest of the family x

  33. Carolynn Crabb says:

    Have followed @babybudgeting and @tescobabyclub

  34. I have just found out i am pregnant with my second child so i would spend the money on essentials that i would need for the new baby

  35. Nina House says:

    Every penny on my new Grandchild-to-be that I’ve just found out about : ) !

  36. fred lomax says:

    meat. times are tough.

  37. Ceril Roberts says:

    I would spend it on some quality meat for a nice treat for the family – Steaks and Lamb Shanks Mmmmm!!

  38. Ceril Roberts says:

    Following on twitter

  39. ustupidwoman says:

    A kindle – for some ‘ me ‘ time

  40. Julie Crank says:

    I would buy some fantastic outfits for my lovely grandchildren so much to choose cute practical and fun stuff

  41. Charlotte Jones says:

    I’d put it towards a big party for my daughter, whose birthday it is next month :)


    My wife deserves a nice treat for putting up with the kids & myself.

  43. I’d stock up on clothes as my 6mo is popping out of his 3-6m clothes, treat the wife to something then a nice bottle of wine to relax feeling good I’d done good deeds!

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