Woodland Trust Nature Detectives

When you join the Woodland Trust your children become nature detectives and you get sent the most awesome pack.

They get a little booklet of activities that changes seasonally and they get a passport. As they complete each activity they get to put a sticker stamp in their passport.

They also received a leaf spotting book.

My  daughter could not wait to get out and start using it. Would you like to see the Woodland Trust nature detective kit in action?

(my only defence for shooting this ENTIRE video in-portrait is that it was a tad windy, I do apologise!)

I couldn’t shoot the den building because I was having way too much fun being involved. here is the den we built for her minion…. on our next nature detectives trip out we will build an us sized den!




In the past 70 years, more than half of our ancient woodland has been destroyed we HAVE to get kids caring about woodland and to do so we need to make getting out and about in lots of fun. The natured detective pack really encourages this.

It can also spark fabulous creativity to be out in nature.

Look what we made with our fallen woodland treasures.


The gift that keeps on giving

Just £5 a month contributes to saving woodland locally and nationally. Family membership is such a wonderful gift because not only does it encourage you to get out, get exercise fresh air and fun it also goes towards preserving and protecting our natural world for the next generation.  As part of the new Woodland Trust Family Membership each child (9 and under) in your family will become a Nature Detective with their own welcome pack. Grown ups receive their own pack including a directory showing all Woodland Trust woods, plus a unique guide to native British trees, a quarterly publication and more.

That’s all pretty fabulous don’t you think and a TOP idea for Christmas.

Woodland Trust Nature Detectives



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